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Wedding Cakes

Here at Kerilicious, cakes are our specialty, most especially wedding cakes!  We only do a few things but we do them well!  All of our wedding cakes are made from scratch using quality ingredients on-site. We will help you tailor your wedding cake to suit your wedding and your tastes.  You can choose one of our styles or bring a picture of something that you already have in mind.  This website is divided into different styles of set-ups to make it easier for you to focus in on what you are looking for.  Due to space limitations we cannot possibly put all of our pictures on this website.  If you don't find what you are looking for that doesn't mean we can't do it.  We do suggest you make an appointment to discuss your wedding cake. Typical for our wedding cakes we charge $3-7per serving additional charge for certain decorations and delivery. Our wedding cakes, that are ordered having a minimum of 100 servings will have the options to purchase an additional sheet cake for $65.00. Each sheet cake will add an additional 54 servings per cake.